We operate a diving base with accommodation in Croatia every year from June to October. Together with other professional staff and temporary workers we care about the comfort of divers and guests. Dives and courses, whether for beginners or advanced, are on our daily agenda.

In the Czech Republic, we are constantly dedicated to our customers. At our base in Zlín we conduct the theoretical part of the courses from November to April, and the dives within the courses take place in Pag, Croatia. The base in the Czech Republic includes a shop with swimming and diving equipment, which is open all year round.

In addition, every year we organize safari trips to the Maldives and Egypt.


Romana | Dalibor | Vendy
Romana | Dalibor | Vendy


She is in charge of everything that revolves around the Ocean Pro organization. Without her, nothing would work properly. She's looking out for everyone's comfort - the team and the divers. Most of the time you'll find her in the office, but occasionally she'll go out to sea with the divers.


A diver in training - and kind of a girl for everything. She's dedicated to foreign guests because she speaks fluently German and English. She'd rather be underwater all the time. Her positive and kind attitude is appreciated by everyone.


Instructor with more than 11,000 dives - His passion for diving cannot be described in words. He cares about well-trained divers, he dedicates himself to each one as best he can. He makes you feel safe underwater.


Instructor - always calm and relaxed, he is the perfect instructor for beginners and advanced. His love of underwater life is something he loves to share.


A diver in training - You can see his love for diving right away. He has no problem with anything and is willing to help with anything at any time. That's our younger Dalibor.